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What to do for an Encore:  350M Haute Puissance

Let’s be honest. Not many readers actually need the increased power. Unless you are powering MBL’s Extremes in a 500m³ room, 1'500 watts into 2Ω might be overkill. But there is far more to the 350M Haute Puissance than pure power. They take the existing qualities of the 350M and up the ante with a low-end that quite possibly redefines the state of the art in depth and resolution. Add the unique and singular design and you have a statement piece for those demanding the very best. The sole downside is obviously the price, limiting these beauties to a privileged few. Even if you can’t afford them, if you love music and want to hear what is possible, I urge you to seek them out just for an audition. You won’t be disappointed.

Mike Malinowski, 6moons.com

6moons.com Tenor 350M HP Review, May 2015

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