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Preamplifier Type:  Line Stage

Chassis:  Double - Signal / Power Supply

Dual Mono:  Yes

Harmonic Structural Integrity:  Yes - now with Advanced Harmonic Spectrum

Volume Steps:  170 (as of Software Version 3.01)

Voltage Gain:  14db or 20db (selectable)

Rated Input*:  12V rms Single Ended or Balanced

Rated Output*:  30V rms Single Ended or Balanced

S/N Ratio Reference @ Normal Listening:  <-120 dBA

S/N Ratio Reference @ 2V rms Output:  <- 108dBA

S/N Ratio Reference @ Maximum Output*:  <- 94dBA

Channel Separation*:  <-90dBA

Frequency Response 2-100,000 Hz*:  +0dbA -0.5dBA

Frequency Response 2-500,000 Hz*:  +0dbA -3dBA

THD + Noise*:  < 0.06%

IMD*:   0.06%

Line 1/Power 1 MSRP (usd):  No longer in production

Line 1/Power 1 20th Anniversary Limited Edition MSRP (usd):  $194,500 excluding any Duties or VAT

Weight Line 1:  36 lbs/16 kg

Shipping Weight Line 1:  86 lbs/ 39 kg

Dimensions Line 1:  19.5in W x 22in D (including connectors) x 9.5in H (including ventilation) / 495mm W x 559mm D x 241mm H

Weight Power 1:  66 lbs/30 kg

Dimensions Power 1:  19.5in  W x 21in D(including connectors) x 9.5in H (including ventilation) / 495 mm W x 533mm D x 241mm H

Shipping Weight Power 1:  116 lbs/53 kg

* : @ 120V AC @ 1kHz & 2V rms input

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