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The Line 1/Power 1 dual chassis line stage is the most natural transparent preamplifer in existence!  Quite breathtaking actually!

Built to exacting standards, the Line 1/Power 1 mates perfectly with either the  Tenor 175S or 350M amplifiers to provide a synergistic experience beyond any other known combination of high end audio equipment.

Separating the power generation from the audio signals with separate chassis’ provides an ultra low noise floor and extreme dynamics like nothing heard before.

The Line 1/Power 1 is the standard by which all preamplifiers will be judged!

The line 1/Power 1 is available in 2024 in one model only - the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition.

The 20th Anniversary Limited Edition commemorates 20 years of Tenor’s proprietary hybrid design and features Tenor’s Patented (Pending) harmonic spectrum technology for the most fatigue free and intelligible musical performance you will ever experience!

Previous models ……

Mike Malinowski, 6moons.com writes:

“The Tenor is a no-compromise design with compulsive attention to details. It is the realization of one man’s obsessive dedication to the musical truth via psychoacoustics and engineering. For your money you're getting a unique approach to amplification where distortions are carefully managed so the brain cancels residual distortion to inaudibility and only the purity of music remains.  Yes it's outrageously expensive but in life the best unfortunately often is!"

Joseph Weiss, The High Fidelity Report writes after listening to the Line 1/Power 1 preamplifier and 350M Mono Blocks at GTT Audio:

“With the Soulution amps in place, the sound was huge and impressive. Detail and imaging was glorious, with each instrument in the orchestra settled into their proper places. The Soulution amps earned all the usual “audiophile” adjectives and adverbs you might muster. The soundstage in the Big Room at GTT Audio is enormous and helps recreate a live-at-the-theater experience.

But, the listening experience should always be about how a system translates the music and nothing else. It should be about how “close” we can get to actually forgetting that we are listening to so much freakin’ equipment. And I was quite unprepared for the changes I heard when we again replaced the Solution gear with the Tenor. Although everything was seemingly in its right place with the Solution amps, there was more to the music that came bursting to life when the Tenor was in the chain.”

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