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1st Gen Hybrid Amplifier

Tenor Hybrid Power Amplifier Technology

The first commercial application of the hybrid technology for Tenor was the hp300 mono block introduced at CES in 2003.  (The hp150 stereo power amplifier was introduced shortly thereafter). This first generation hybrid technology, while an immediate international hit, taught Tenor many lessons.  The most important lesson was that pedigree and power demands responsibility!  In our case, protection from real life use, or possibly even abuse of the owner.

Similar to early production super cars, the hp’s advanced precision and technology made driving close to the red line effortless and fun. No audible clues are being rendered at all that driving a little faster and a little harder is about to cause misfortune. When the music stops it is too late to worry as the output devices have surpassed their design specification and the laws of physics have rendered the final judgment!  The lesson was harsh … but not necessarily final.  Fortunately, the hp300 generation of amplifiers can be resurrected using more modern day technology.  Replacing output devices with mosfets ensures the second coming will be long and prosperous.  Mosfets have a naturally tendency to shut down as they get driven to the edge and have tube-like distortion characteristics thereby improving the performance of the hp series in every way and thereby extending the life of truly a classic amplifier. 

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